Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Home Equity Loans With Bad Credit: Why Approval Is So Easy

The task of finding a lender willing to approve a substantial loan is never easy when bad credit ratings are part of the deal. Most lenders prefer to feel confident the borrower will not default, and a low score suggests the opposite. When security is offered, that can change matters, which explains it is so easy to get approval on a home equity loan with bad credit.

Getting loan approval with security is certainly more likely than getting approval without it. But equity is arguably the most attractive form of security for any lender, with the value of property never likely to fall very much. For homeowners, the value can be enough to secure a very large loan, perhaps even $150,000, making it possible to clear existing debts completely
There is no obvious negative to securing a home equity loan, but that does not mean there are no issues to pay attention to, and meeting the required criteria remains the key to getting loan approval.

Home Equity Explained
Understanding what equity is helps to cast some light over the apparent magical influence it casts over loan applications, and why home equity loans with bad credit are so accessible. Basically, equity refers to the share of a home that is not covered by the remaining mortgage loan, but actually owned by the mortgage holder.

When making your mortgage repayments each month, a share of the property is effectively being bought back. So, as the mortgage balance falls, the size of the value of the home owned by the mortgage holder increases. Loan approval with security is so prevalent, there is not doubt over the influence it has when added to an application.

Another way in which the equity is increased relates to the property markets. When the markets strengthen, the overall value of the home increases, while the mortgage balance stays the same. So, the equity value increases and a larger home equity loan can be secured.
Why Qualification is Easy
So why is it so much easier to qualify for loan approval? Well, simply put, the value of the equity is so reliable it is hard for lenders to ignore it. In fact, getting home equity loan with bad credit is possible because, as a form of collateral, it is practically impossible to depreciate so the lender can never lose their money.
For example, when a $100,000 equity share is used as security, it is likely that 10 years into the future, the share will still be worth $100,000. If a car is given as collateral, it will have little value after 10 years. Loan approval with security is easy, but it depends on the security provided.
And because of the quality of security being offered, interest rates are lower than would otherwise be the case, and repayment terms on the home equity loan are more affordable.
Getting the Best Deal
Applying for a home equity loan with bad credit is almost guaranteed to end in success, but there are still a variety of terms to consider. Not every lender charges the same interest rate, and not all terms can be deemed a good deal. It is a good idea to go to your current mortgage provider, but another option is a subprime lender, who is usually an expert in these deals.

They make their business out of lending to bad credit borrowers, so the terms are specially designed for them. The fact that loan approval with security is practically assured means their interest rates are extremely good too.

Although traditional lenders are more willing to approve home equity loans, they are usually still quite cautious with their terms. But subprime lenders are more flexible, making it easier to get the good terms desired.

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