Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Payday Loan Saved Me!

When we are in need of money, we check our resources for possible ways of getting what we need (which is money). I always tell myself to look for option that doesn't cost much. My first option is always ask for family member or close friends first. The reason for this is because they won't charge me interest rate and if they do, it's just a few dollars... until I experienced it myself.

It's in the middle of the month and my son got sick, hospital bills is pain in the ass. I've used my savings for his medication and to pay bills and mortgage. On top of that I have to pay my credit card too and serve food on our table. My next paycheck will arrive in 2 weeks time and I know I'll run out of cash before having it. I'll have the amount I need when I get my pay... I just know for now... I need help immediately. I asked my cousin to lend me some money, she did lend me the amount I need and charged me 5% of the amount I borrowed which is okay and I told her I can pay it right after I get my paycheck which is after 2 weeks... I thought I'm safe now.

One week later, I'm still waiting for my pay when I received a phone call from my cousin. She said she needs the money back immediately, something came up and she needs it badly. I don't know where to get money, I said "I'll try to get it paid immediately" and she said "When you needed it, I gave it to you without second thought. You have to pay it back." I am very much thankful she gave me money when I need it, I know she just need the money and I'll pay it. That's when I realize it's better to use payday loan. Here are the reasons why:

Payday loans has specific due dates, while family/ friends don't have
With Payday loan, once you paid the borrowed amount, you're done while with family and friends, you will always owe them something. (in some cases, this doesn't apply)
Last is in some cases, it affects the relationship.

I applied for payday loan. I always use Responsible loan, they provide great service, they have higher interest rate than the usual lending company because this is "Short term loan" and it's high risk. Most important is they tell you the amount you have to pay in detail. I applied there and have the money the same day, paid back my cousin... then I was relieved.

I asked for help from a family member to save money, but it turned out it's not that good option for me. I am still thankful though but I have learned that it's better to use Payday loan than the other option. Payday loan is a short term type of loan that has to be paid within 30 days. They send reminders the day before the due date so you won't forget. Payday loan is really a life saver!

For more information about payday loans you can visit today's Payday Loan. Every article is worth reading as it gives you honest insight about Payday loans.

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