Sunday, February 9, 2014

Single, Loveless, and No Cash Advance For This Christmas - What Now?

It's No Big Deal Being Single and Loveless but No Cash Advance?

So you're single and at the moment loveless. You can deal with it because love can take a backseat. But no cash advance? You can't grab that 13 inch MacBook selling at a discounted price just for the holidays because the office scrooge didn't spare you any advance and for this alone, you're ready to throttle the big bad boss.

Having no extra cash or a cash advance for the holidays can drive you nuts. You've paid the rent and the bills and your cupboard is stocked with the usual supplies to last you until the next payday. You're better off really but the holidays can dampen your enthusiasm when you have $50 left over after all the scrimping and cutting corners.

Take heart. There's still hope with that $50 of yours. Since you're single and loveless that $50 can go a long way and you can still make your folks happy, including the army of nephews and nieces waiting for you. Now that's a lot of love waiting for you back home.

Stretching that $50

What are dollar stores for? You can hit one to three stores and grab toys, jeans from the clearance rack, and much more. You may spot a Nordstrom jacket or hoodie for yourself! Use up $20 for your grand shopping and wrap each gift cleverly. That will make for eye-catching gifts under the tree.

Hold on to the $30 yet, remember you didn't score a cash advance with the boss. On the way home, start devising interesting activities as an added bonus to your nephews and nieces. .

With free meals back home and loving family to entertain you (never mind the racket) you can keep that $30 until the next payday. Need it be told that you'll be at the receiving end of the gift-giving? See? You can survive without that extra cash.

As for being single and loveless, the season might bring you someone who'll also make up for the missed cash advance. Go the rounds of parties and reunions, you might spot or get spotted by an interested eye. Since it's just for starters, there's no need to buy special gifts for the someone and that means keeping the remains of the $50 in your pocket.

Before the New Year

After taking a beating from the boss, don't try cajoling a loan from him for the New Year. Instead try those payday loans online. It's faster, convenient, and a sure-fire way to get money into your checking account. No need to explain in details why you need a loan as long as you satisfy the lender's requirements:

- Proof of employment
- Own a checking account
- A Canadian citizen
- Earn at least $1000 a month.

Maybe you won't need that cash advance for the New Year after all; yet it would be smart to know what you are going to deal with when taking out a short term loan. By this time you've got a love life - this is something else to rejoice about.

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