Sunday, January 19, 2014

How to Overcome Shame Finance

There is no such thing as pride when you have to pay the rent .

That is the first thing I learned when I moved alone . This fact became painfully reinforced when I started supporting my family .

You begin to have a safety net to fall back which includes parents, friends , or family . Later that fall back to the bank and credit card . Then the last line of defense , payday loans and pawn shops . If you ever go to a pawn shop or payday lone lenders , there tends to be a sense of shame or failure that goes along with it .

" How did I end here ? "

" Why is this happening to me ? "

" Why does it cost $ 500 or more to fix anything that goes wrong with my car ? "

Sound familiar ? Well I'm here to tell you , THIS IS THE LIFE . Expect that bad things will happen , and believe me , no one is immune . At some point in everyone's life , it sucked . You have two options : see it as a challenge to overcome or surrender . I 've never been much throwing in the towel in the type of guy , so here are some tips .

Leave embarrassment in the door

What do you look like in front of others is not a problem . I repeat that , what you look like in front of others is not a problem !

Your neighbors , your family , your friends , your children's teachers , the mail carrier , I really do not care who it is . These people do not pay your bills or support your family , YOU !

If you are not prepared to sacrifice a little dignity and pride , you picked the wrong planet to live . Every situation I've ever gone to , I repeat these words over and over in my head , " The worst thing they can do is say no " . Seriously , it's the worst they can do . If they say no , just say " Thank you " , and walked back out the door . No one has ever been arrested for asking questions .

Be Nice

It is a simple thing , but you will be amazed at how many people cannot do it . Something you have to remember , everyone likes dealing with someone who understands, patient , and courteous . The people behind the counter is human , just like you . They have their own life and get frustrated with them will not solve your problem . In general , I have found that I am better , and easy way to make them , the more they bend over backwards to accommodate me . Extra days to pay , stay open five minutes later because I was late , all because I am nice . It has always seemed strange to me to argue with someone who lent me money .

Always return phone calls

This kind of in line with being nice . If you are passed due on anything , do not talk to your lender only makes things worse . In my experience , they are always willing to do something with you . When they never hear from you is when they start to take drastic action . I work at a car collection when starting my career . It will never fail . I will call someone for two months in a row and never talk to them . Guess what happened after their car got repossessed ? They cannot call me pretty quickly . Avoiding the problem only makes it worse . If they are going to call and work out the arrangements , they would probably still driving their cars . Contrary to what some people think , the car lender NOT WANT YOUR CAR ! Average loss of ownership is $ 5,000.00 . They would rather you keep driving and pay for your car .

I hope these tips will help you get mentally prepared to handle whatever comes your way financially . I have found that the internal strength of the external forces beat every day of the week .

I am Alex Keaton , and I 've learned all the insider secrets and short -term loans from the credit bureaus into a credit analyst for over seven years . Need a little extra help ?

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