Tuesday, January 14, 2014

When Banks Say No Say Yes Based Enterprise Income !

What financing Based Income ?

Revenue -based financing provides the capital for business owners to pay back the loan based on future earnings of the company. How it works is that the business owner to pay off the loan after the payment of principle plus the agreed number , known as the " cap . " To pay back the loan, Income Based Loan Financing will collect a small portion of your future income to paid bank loans overall.

There are not many documents are involved, because all that is required to review for approval is your bank statements and sometimes your merchant reports . Many times the agreement can takes place only in one day.

The theory behind this type of financing is that the earnings and cash flow generated by the firm is real and better indicator of overall health enterprise and also show their ability to pay successfully back the lone.

This is different with a bank loan provided to a business based on the credit of the owners , the age of the effort , and the right kind and amount of the guarantee of the business owner .

When Is Income Based Funding Work Well?

A successful business with high profit margins
A recurring revenue model subscription business or
A company growing at a very fast rate
A great opportunity comes up that does not fit with the model of venture capital

What Benefit From This Type of Financing ?

one . There is no guarantee to be completed to get the loan .

two . Private credit is a non factor .

three . No personnel guarantees are required or needed.

four . Flexibility - This type of financing is different with a bank loan in which you have a fixed amount of capital you need to pay each month , the Income Based financing if the low sales in a given month your payment to the lender too low month. With this type of financing efforts , your company and the interests of the two parallel financing , such as when there is income growth on both sides grow , and when the low income of both parties suffer.

five . Speed ​​Loans - funding approval process and actually a lot quicker than bank loans . It is possible to have full access to the money in less than a week .

six . Some documents - application process is simple and fast . All you need is usually a few months of bank statements .


Today trying to get a bank loan is very difficult to obtain with strict and restrictive . Financing based income is a good choice for businesses that need working capital to start and grow quickly . No longer do small businesses have to suffer or go out of business because they are deemed " fundable " by the bank . Financing type is without question a real choice , fit and attractive for business owners looking for a quick working capital . Financing income based on filling a real need for small business owners and is certainly here to stay .

Richard Lonschein has practiced business law for nine years. He is president of the group financing that helps small business owners get the best price and terms available through alternative lenders such as Invoice Factoring financing based on income , and Merchant Cash Advance .

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