Saturday, January 4, 2014

Is Bitcoin Alternatives to Fiat Currency ?

Recently, many people discussing about the new virtual currency called Bitcoin is growing very rapidly , which is getting a lot of media attention and its value has increased dramatically .

The current financial turmoil in Europe and around the world have also made people invest in alternative currencies like Bitcoin . For most people it is strange that a person can take seriously currency that is not backed by a government or central agency , but it is the exact advantage of this coin .

 Bitcoin is a virtual currency such as the dollar , pound , euro , but at the same time we have a kind of currency that is not control by a central agency , which is completely decentralized . I can send money to anyone I want, whenever I want , wherever I want in the world and no one can stop me .

The Bitcoin is a very interesting concept that is gaining acceptance by many companies on the Internet such as PayPal , WordPress , Reddit , and many others Microtronix . Even the ATM machines are already on the way to be used .

At this time Bitcoin seems a good choice because of the increase in value , but this may change in the future . Another alternative is to invest your money on something productive like business or increase the value of land or invest in gold . for more information visit bitcoin hashing .

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