Monday, January 27, 2014

Who else wants to Signature That Screams Success ?

Did you know that the signature doodles you relaxed slap on the letter , check or credit card folder can provides insights into your personality ? And did you know that your handwriting can tells a different story about your real personality ?

Your signature - or a sign of your nature - you represent to the world . But does it represent you at your best ?

Your signature as your own company logo . How angry would McDonald , Sony , NAB , Mercedes Benz will , if their company logo misunderstood ?

To be successful , you have to show the world the best you . And one best way to represent your true personality to the world is through handwriting and signature .

Major catalyst for positive personality shakes - up is to make deliberate changes to your signature .

In fact , in Europe , Asia , India and Australia , which is my # one question : " What should I change my signature "

Ask yourself , " What is my signature says to the world today ? Was really reflects who I am now , or who I was 20 years ago ? And , if there are " red flags " in my signature that
others see that I do not even know ? "

If you develop your signature as a teenager and it is still the same , ask yourself , " Does my signature is a reflection of how I see myself and how I want to be seen by the world ? "

Your signature / handwriting is how you present yourself to others . On the other hand , your handwriting shows what you really want . It shows your personality to others .

So , even if you have not decided to master the science of handwriting analysis , you should at least get a signature make-over , so at least you will not give false signals about your personality to the world .

If there is an inconsistency among your signature and handwriting , there is a gap among how others see you and what you really want .

High achievers often write their signature with foreword tilt , which means they are warm , caring and outgoing .

What is your signature describes your personality , check out how your signature looks ...

Bart Baggett is a renowned expert handwriting World . He is the most famous handwriting analyst in the world . Bart has appeared on over 1500 TV and radio shows including CNN's Larry King , Fox News , and Howard Stern . Bart is the director of a leading University Institute Handwriting handwriting training worldwide . His books have been translated and distributed throughout the world , including in India and China . for more information please visit Bart Baggett

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