Friday, January 24, 2014

Personal Loans With Bad Credit: Getting Your Rescue Cash - Fast!

If traditional lenders are anything to go by, taking on a personal loan with bad credit will prove to be an expensive drain on limited financial resources. But the fact is that bad credit has a very limited role in the approval process, and with a well-constructed application and all the criteria met, it is possible to convince lenders to lend the cash needed.

The reality is that lenders are happy to grant a loan if they can feel sure they will get their money back, and the borrower will not default. What decides the success of an application are not credit scores but other factors. And if these are in order, then fast loan approval can be assured.

Still, this does not mean that lenders with throw cash in the direction of everyone. But a personal loan is much more likely to be secured if a few key factors are in order.

Understand The Credit Score

It can prove invaluable to know your credit score and to take some time to improve it. Since seeking a personal loan with bad credit largely depends on affordability - not necessarily income - a key factor is how much the monthly repayment is. Credit scores do have a limited influence in this regard, setting the interest rate to be charged, and thereby contributing to the size of the repayments.

But improving the credit score does two valuable things: firstly, a higher score means a lower interest rate charged; and secondly, paying off debts improves the scores, and with fewer debts, there are extra funds to cover loan repayments. When the application is this strong, fast loan approval is very possible.

A series of small personal loans is arguably the best way to improve the scores. These loans (usually payday loans) can be used to deal with specific debts one at a time, improving the score gradually.

Advantages of a Cosigner

If a lender wants to feel confident of getting their money back, then the best way to do so is guarantee the repayments will never be missed. By getting a cosigner, even applicants seeking personal loans with bad credit can safely make that promise.

By definition, a cosigner lends his or her name to the loan agreement, promising to make the loan repayments if the borrower fails to. Lenders are happy to see a cosigner added to the deal, and even grant fast loan approval, as it effectively removes the element of risk in the loan agreement.

For a cosigner to be deemed acceptable, they must have a good credit history, have a large income from a reliable source and a debt-to-income ratio that allows for the payments to be made with ease. Then approval on the personal loan is practically certain.

Research Deals and Lenders

The range of personal loans with bad credit that are available is quite vast, so it is a good idea to spend some time searching the best deals on the Internet. Comparison sites, allowing people to easily see and compare the deals, can even identify offers of fast loan approvals.

Online lenders are well known for offering great deals, since traditional lenders charge higher interest rates. The key problem with the Internet, however, is security, so it is very important to check the reputation of lenders on the Better Business Bureau website.

Also, put together a shortlist of 2 or 3 likely lenders before applying. It is never a good idea to apply everywhere because rejections go into your credit record too. It is going to look bad if a number of rejections for personal loans occur in quick succession.

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